What is mail and why does it play a chief role in our lives, especially for businesses? It is a form of communication that has evolved as the most significant way to interact with customers, vendors and even exchange between different branches of a company. Orders, purchases, contracts, confidential documentation are all sent as mail in different forms. With the advances that have been made in Information Technology, the mode of mail communication has been digitized into the form of electronic mail or Email.

But even then, the requirement for hard copies, or paper mail has not been completely pushed aside. There are much important documentation that require a paper copy. This has given rise to the need for a competently managed mailing system and consolidated Mail Solutions. These solutions need to be efficient enough to sort out all the different types of mails, digital or paper, and oversee that there are no errors in transfers.

A business house has the option to choose two different ways to go about getting an efficient mail system in place. One is, they can have an in-house department that types up and organizes the transfer of paper mail and also a mail management section in their IT department. However, this involves the employing of additional manpower and installing the requisite machines for printing, scanning, etc. This translates into additional overheads as well and it saddles the Human Resources department with a lot of extra effort and paperwork. Hence, it makes more sense for a business to go in for the alternative solution – hiring a company that provides effective hybrid mail solutions.

This is a system that has fast gained a lot of popularity, particularly in the INDIA, because of the innovative service method and the savings made in the long run. The postal service in this country does not always deliver smoothly and this has led to the emergence and growth of hybrid mail service. A company like SecuraNET is one of the best in the INDIA and provides its customers with Wen Mail Solutions as well as the management and delivery of paper mail. There might be some doubt about the reliability and security of allowing a third party vendor to have access to all your mail. But rest assured, since there is stiff competition in this sector and each service provider is trying to outdo the other by offering more advantages and better prices, they take utmost care to maintain privacy and security for their clients’ mails, so that there is no room for error or blaming.

This unique mailing system translates digital mail into hard copies and hand delivers them to the requisite destination. Clients send the document or letter as an Email to the service provider, who usually has their own secure Mail Server to manage the entire arrangement. The Emails are printed out, sealed inside addressed envelopes and there is a team of delivery people who distribute them to the required destinations. The customer can track the status of his mail right up to the delivery and he gets a confirmation for it as well and all this at a very reasonable price – a figure much less than what it would cost to have the entire process being done in-house, with printing and postage. Businesses in the INDIA have benefited a great deal because of the mailing solutions provided by a service providers like SecuraNET. Their postal woes are now a thing of the past and they are also saving a lot on manpower and infrastructure.

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