Effective communication is the key to managing any business. Whether it is a large scale business or a small scale one, good communication keeps all the tasks and various operations flowing smoothly and efficiently. So how does one bring about this competent communication system for a business in today’s fast moving world? With the help of Information Technology, of course, the advent of digital communication systems has made this job much simpler than it used to be in earlier days. Modern digital tools allow a business to set up a central Communication Server that is well equipped to easily handle all types of contact between the employees of a company. Be it landline or mobile telephony, video calling, Email, audio and video conference calls, Fax, the server is capable of managing all of that and more. The central system also acts as contacts and employee information database and a files server as well. Important documents can be stored within the server and can be accessed by any authorized personnel from any location.

A server that is set up for office communications is also used for providing Email Solutions for the company. For example, the SecuraNET server for communications acts as a virtual post office. All Email communications are transmitted through the server and messages are stored on the server for easy retrieval from any location. The different types of Email protocols, like POP3, SMTP and IMAP are supported by the server. These protocols can be configured as required by the office and can receive Emails either from the internet service provider or directly from the internet. We now live in a world of mobile communication, hence it is essential that the server is able to handle mobile telephony and it allows cellphones to be able to connect with it to send and receive Emails. Smartphones of today can be configured to be tethered to the Email server to handle Email transmission, thus making communication more easy and efficient.

Audio and video calls can be managed quite adeptly through the server that is set up for office communications. The server uses the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP to offer a platform for telephony that is more flexible and secure. The number of employees does not matter as the telecommunications server can handle handful employees as well as thousands of them with equal competence. There are certain features and options that improve voice calling functionality. Through the server, a single number can be designated for both landline as well as a mobile phone. And it allows the computer to be used as a dialing station, thereby eliminating the chances of any errors while calling. Just like it is set up as a Communication Email Server, this system also lets the employees make video calls simply with the click of a few buttons. Conference calls are also made easy with this server system. Both video and audio conference calls can be set up with the help the server, using the computer, landline or the mobile phone. Calendar features are available for the input of appointment schedules and various other task reminders. Important files and documents can also be stored centrally on the server for easy retrieval as and when required, from any location. Never before has office communication been more efficient and simplified than with the implementation of a server to handle all possible communications.

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