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Electronic Mail, or Email – it has changed the way people communicate with each other. With the advent of Information Technology and its continuously developing capabilities, there has been a vast evolution of communication, be it personal or business. With the introduction of electronic mail, the matter of communicating has become such a simplified task. Correspondence, that would take days and sometimes months to reach the other side of the globe, can be delivered to its destination in a few seconds via the digital medium. So how does this work? An Email Server is at the hub of the digital mail exchange. This server acts like a post office for mails that are being transmitted back and forth. Each email account has a unique email ID that acts as its address. The server parses this ID and sends the email to its designated destination. Now, how do you go about getting yourself the service of an email server? Well, there are many free options available on the internet. You just have to take care to select the right one for you.

There are a few things a person needs to keep in mind when going about the task of choosing a free email service. The most important point being free does not mean the best. But there are good services and the not so good ones. You need to weigh the pros and cons and list the best features offered by each, make a comparison chart and then decide on the server that best suits your needs. First and foremost, a Mail Server needs to be reliable and secure. When checking out servers for email communication, confirm that the uptime is no less than 99%. This will ensure that you are never left hanging all of a sudden when sending out an email of waiting for an important mail to come in. Security is also of great importance. The free service provider should be operating via a secure server and have updated antivirus and anti spam software installed so that your correspondence, which is often of confidential or sensitive nature, is not compromised in any way. The risk of hacker intrusion and virus infection is then at the minimum level. The storage space offered to each account on the server is also of much importance. If you are looking for a free server for business emails, then you will want one that provides sufficient amount of server space as well as a reasonable size limit for file attachments. Otherwise there is the risk of mails getting deleting or bouncing back to the sender.

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Communication Email Server, whether a free or paid service, should offer its clients the provision of having POP3 access for emails. There are many free email services that provide this feature and that should always count as a big advantage when making your decision. POP3 access allows the user to send and receive email via a mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. and he does not have to be dependant only on the web interface supplied by the service provider. This translates into greater flexibility and ease of use for the customer. These are some of the basic points that any individual or business needs to check when on the lookout for a free email server that best suit his requirements. The absence or presence of these features and options will help him decide, which is the most appropriate free email service for him or his business?

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