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Communication, particularly business communication, has become a very simple and convenient process due to the constant developments made in the field of Information Technology. The advent of Email or Electronic Mail has made communication a virtually effortless task. It is used to handle internal exchange between employees and different branches of a company, interaction with clients and vendors regarding orders, purchases, support, etc., to send out marketing and promotional newsletters on a specifically timed basis – the usage and advantages of Email are endless. The most important advantage that is provided by Email is the saving on time. Mails sent by regular post can take anywhere between a day to a week or more, depending on the destination. Whereas a Mail server, which is like the digital version of a post office, provides the facility to transmit an Email to its recipient in mere seconds. Time is money and Email saves on it by reducing communication costs to a great degree and it additionally it speeds up the business process on the whole, thereby increasing productivity and profits.

For business communication, it is essential that a dedicated Email server is set up, to ensure that the transfer of Emails is done smoothly within a protected and secure environment. The transmission of Email depends mainly on the key element named SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the technology that allows people to send and receive mails via a mail server. The best option for any business is to have a dedicated Email server to manage all its communication needs. SecuraNET is one such company that provides dedicated solutions for all business mailing requirements. They provide secure connectivity between client and server and Emails are transferred inter and intra domain through the SMTP server and delivered via POP3. The functioning of the SMTP is not very complex. When someone sends and Email, it travels through the root server and is then processed via SMTP which reads the origin and destination addresses, parses the latter and identifies the recipient ID and domain and sends the Email across to be delivered via POP3.

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SecuraNET provides corporate Email server solutions to businesses of any nature and operational size. It does not make sense for a company to set up their own servers in-house for Email communication. All that involves a huge amount of expenditure for infrastructure, hardware, manpower, etc. More convenient and cost effective solutions are at hand, with companies providing professional Email services with dedicated and secure servers for business communications. These companies come outfitted with the hardware and infrastructure that can cater to any type of individual requirements. The service provider has a team of skilled and qualified professionals who are trained specifically in this field and who help to provide the best possible solutions and services to its clients. The servers are equipped with the best possible security software to ensure that important and sensitive Email data is in no way compromised. The dedicated service provides companies with individual domains to make Email communication an easier and more professional process.


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