Communication is an extremely important aspect of any type of business, anywhere in the world. It is one of the basic elements that hold a business together, no matter what size it is. In this area, electronic mail or Email has become the main form of communication. Advancements in Information Technology have given businesses the advantage of using this form of mail interaction, be it with clients, vendors or for internal contact between employees and different branches. Corporate Email Solutions are provided by various service providers to facilitate this exchange of mails in a secure and streamlined manner. Each business can have their custom domain with individual email addresses that are corresponding to that particular domain. The operation of this dedicated Email service does not require the company to set up a website using that domain name as well.

There are two ways to go about setting up a personalized solution for Email communication. One way is for the company to purchase and set up their own servers and use their own grid to transfer Emails back and forth. However, this method involves a great deal of investment in infrastructure, machinery, software and manpower. There are also extensive formalities one has to go through for licenses and other official requisites. The second option is the more affordable and hassle free choice – hire a professional Email service provider, such as SecuraNET, who offers a wide range of Mail Solutions for dedicated Email communications. This allows a business to avail of a dedicated Email service at a much reduced cost with the advantage of state of the art technology and up to date equipments and software.

There are many benefits of paying for a dedicated Email service. Firstly, and most importantly, is the security aspect of the solution. Since the service provider is a professional outfit that concentrates on this particular type of service, their Mail Server has first-rate security measurements implemented for the protection of their clients’ emails which are usually confidential and might contain sensitive data. High quality firewalls and sufficient encryption measures are set in place to ensure the best possible safety and security for the Emails that are transmitted. Anti virus and anti spam software are also very important and these service providers have the appropriate options installed and these are updated on a regular basis.

A company like SecuraNET provides their users with large amounts of storage space for their mail communication. Emails are not always just text and often large files are attached to them. This requires ample space for each account so that there are no errors. A large storage space also allows a user to backup their important Emails and this is an added feature often provided by the mail vendor. Sharing is another option that proves to be very useful for internal communication, especially for address books. Contact lists can be shared between employees via the Email server.

All these benefits add up to give business exceptional advantages when they choose dedicated solutions like SecuraNET for Email services.

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